Welcome to our home! It is a pleasure to have you here and see you are interested in what we do in Iconar.

    We sincerely believe that there are no words that introduce us better than the works we develop.
    They are our credentials, a sample of the abilities we have gained in 10 years of professional practice.

    Our service consists in maximizing your product through design and creativity, taking it to more competitive aesthetic parameters where your clients can find it appealing for purchase.

    We hope you enjoy the works we have selected to share with you.



    Design and creative studio.
    Fitz Roy 1751 1ro,
    City of Buenos Aires

    Phone: +54 11 2073 2793
    E-mail: hola@iconar.com.ar
    Skype: iconar.estudio

    Our doors are always open to help you and advise you about any concerns you have. We like to answer each question and receive new challenges.

    Besides, if you prefer you can meet us asking for a credential presentation. Thank you for visiting us.

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